Coach Registration

ALL coach registrations August 31st each year, officially the end of the swimming season.

At the start of each year, ALL coaches working with any level of Swim BC swimmer must be registered with the following organizations:

  • Swim BC - $10

  • Swimming Canada - $10

  • BC Swim Coaches Assoc. (BCSCA) - $32.50

  • Canadian Swim Coaches (CSCTA) - Fees as follows:

    • A1 - Head Coach attending Swimming Canada Designated Competitions $295.00

    • A2 - Head Coach at Provincial Meets only (formerly P membership) $185.00

    • B - Assistant Coach attending Swimming Canada Designated Meets $185.00

    • C - Age Group Assistant Coach attending invitational and Provincial meets $55.00

    • D - Age Group Non-Competitive including Masters, Tri, Summer Club, etc $40.00

All of these coach registrations are now done by the club registrar through the Swimming Canada Registration site.  There will be one invoice generated for the Swim BC / Swimming Canada / BCSCA fees, and another invoice for the CSCTA fees.  Once Swim BC has received payment for the Swim BC / Swimming Canada / BCSCA fees and the CSCTA has received their payment, they still have to do one more thing before the coach is fully registered.

After payment has been received, the coach's status in the Registration system will change to CSCTA PENDING, and the coach will receive an auto-email from CSCTA with a unique link that will log them into their account at  Once logged in there, they need to confirm their registration information and answer the screening questions required by the CSCTA.  Once that has been completed, the coach will then be fully registered.

Credit card payments for the Swim BC / Swimming Canada / BCSCA fees can be accepted through the Swim BC office. 

For ALL coaches, once Swim BC has received payment for your Swim BC / Swimming Canada coaching registration, you will then have an account setup at the Swimming Canada registration website:  An email with login / password information will automatically have been sent to you.