BC Swimming Hall of Fame

Nominations to the BC Swimming Hall of Fame are accepted at any time and can be submitted by any individual or group.  

Successful nominees will be inducted at the Annual BC Swimming Awards Dinner, typically held in conjunction with the BC Swim Congress, which is usually in September.  For this reason, nominations must be received no later than Jan 31st to be considered for induction in that given year.

September 2017

  • Kelly Stefanyshyn (Swimmer)

September 2016

  • Joan Marjorie Langdon (Swimmer - Pioneer)

September 2015 

  • Michael Edgson (Swimmer - Para)

  • Brian Johns (Swimmer)

September 2014 

  • Annamay Pierse (Swimmer)

September 2013 

  • Paul Jenkins (Builder)

  • Brittany Reimer (Swimmer)

  • Stephanie Dixon (Swimmer - Para)

September 2012

  • Special recognition and induction for BC members of 1980 Olympic Team

Bruce Berger HYACK Swimmer
Eugene Gyorfi HYACK Swimmer
Wade Flemons CDSC Swimmer
Graham Welbourn CDSC Swimmer
Rob Baylis CDSC Swimmer
Cheryl Gibson (previously inducted) CDSC Swimmer
Steve Pickell (previously inducted)
Ron Jacks (previously inducted)
Tom Johnson (previously inducted)
Deryk Snelling (previously inducted)

September 2011

Susan (Sloane) Kelsey CDSC Swimmer

September 11, 2010

Doug Perks Vancouver Builder

September 19, 2009

Ann Meraw Vancouver Pioneer
Margaret Durward Vancouver Builder
Lauren Van Oosten Nanaimo Athlete

September 20, 2008

Tom Johnson Vancouver Coach
Ron Jacks Victoria Coach
Jessica Deglau VPSC / UBCD Swimmer
Walter Wu Richmond Swimmer (Para)

September 29, 2007

Greg Streppel Island Swimming Swimmer
Dorothy Liedtke Victoria Builder

September 30, 2006

Ian MacKenzie CDSC/Ocean Falls Swimmer
Lenora Gilchrist (Fisher) Ocean Falls Swimmer
Allen Gilchrist Ocean Falls Swimmer

October 1, 2005

Cheryl Gibson CDSC Swimmer
Jack Kelso Ocean Falls Builder
Richard Pound Ocean Falls Swimmer

October 2, 2004

Patti Stenhouse Ridge Swim Club Swimmer
Mark Versfeld PDSA Swimmer
Tor Bengtson   Builder
Paul & Marg Savage SFU Coaches

October 4, 2003

Donna-Marie Gurr CDSC Swimmer
Stephen Pickell CDSC Swimmer
Marion Lay   Builder
Noel Oxenbury   Pioneer Swimmer

October 5, 2002

Mary (Stewart) McIlwaine CDSC Swimmer
Bill Mahony CDSC Swimmer
Mies Schootman   Builder

September 29, 2001

Ron Jacks VASC Swimmer
Sandy Gilchrist OFASC Swimmer
Phyllis Dewar   Pioneer Swimmer
Archie McKinnon   Pioneer Coach

October 14, 2000

Wendy (Cook) Hogg CDSC Swimmer
Gary MacDonald SFU / CDSC Swimmer
Shannon Smith HYACK Swimmer
Deryk Snelling   Coach
Percy Norman   Pioneer

October 2, 1999

Elaine Tanner CDSC Swimmer
Bruce Robertson CDSC Swimmer
Gail Amundrud CDSC Swimmer
George Gate   Coach
E. Allan Harvey   Builder

October 3, 1998

Ralph Hutton OFASC Swimmer
Leslie Cliff CDSC Swimmer
Pamela Rai Hyack / VICO Swimmer
Howard Firby   Coach
Flip Filipelli   Builder