Masters’ swimming in British Columbia is governed by the Masters Swimming Association of BC (MSABC).  The MSABC is a member association of Swim BC and receives meet sanctions and SNC affiliation through Swim BC. All Masters’ competitors must be registered with the MSABC.

To participate in any Swim BC designated competitions, swimmers MUST be registered with a Swim BC / SNC Club.

Competition Rules

On February 8, 2011, Swimming Canada announced that, as of that date, Masters Swimming Canada (MSC) rules shall be applied at all Masters meets sanctioned in Canada.

Therefore, as of February 8, 2011, all Masters Meets sanctioned by SwimBC / MSABC shall follow MSC rules.  The rules are available here: Rules of Competition | Masters Swimming

Contact Masters Swimming Canada or the Masters Swimming Association of BC (www.mastersswimming.bc.ca) for registration and affiliation information.