Meet Sanctioning guidelines

Below are some quick details and updates to consider when applying for a meet or time trial sanction. If hosting a meet involving Para-swimmers be sure to check out our Para-Swimming Meet Hosting page.

Applying for Meet Sanction 

Swim Clubs hosting competitions will have to submit an application for sanctioning to Swimming Canada's meet website.

There is a user guide to assist meet managers available for download, as well as one for coaches to assist them in entering their teams into meets using this site.

Meet managers need to contact their Club's Registrar to request login and password information to access the website.

As well, meet managers should be aware of the following information that may be necessary in hosting competitions within BC.

Meet Information Packages

To assist meet managers, Swim BC has this Meet Information template available.  It contains all of the fields necessary in an easily readable layout, including the Swimming Canada warm-up procedures (see below).

If producing your own meet information package, in addition to the usual date/time/location/etc. that has always been a part of meet information, complete timelines for each session must be stated in the meet information.  This includes, for each session of the meet - heats, finals, and/or timed finals: 

In keeping with past practices, though, please read through the guidelines below to ensure that your meet can be sanctioned as quickly as possible.

  1. FORMAT: Meet info must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document or some other format that is editable. Even if there are no modifications or corrections necessary, the sanction number must be added, and while there are indeed ways to do this on a .pdf, it's much more streamlined to do it on a Word, Pages, .rtf, etc. document.
    If a .pdf is submitted, it will not be reviewed nor sanctioned until an editable format is supplied.

  2. SANCTIONING AUTHORITY: All meet information must include Sanctioned by Swim BC - #________ on the first page near the name of date of the meet.
    If your meet was “LISTED” or even simply applied for “listing” on the Swimming Canada meet site prior to you submitting the sanction, you will see your “sanction number” on the left-hand side of the web page where you view meets on the Swimming Canada meet site.

  3. ENTRIES: Be sure that all references similar to “email HyTek entry files to meet manager” are removed. The exception would be that if you are expecting foreign teams (like from the USA), you could include that for non-Canadian teams, they should send their HyTek entry file to the meet manager.

  4. ENTRIES WEBSITE: Instead, you should have some language to the effect that “Meet entries will only be accepted via upload to the Swimming Canada meet website. The website for that meet has changed three times since Swimming Canada first introduced it last year. So, if you have or something like that, it won’t work. Please remove.

    To make it easier for people to find your meet, you can direct them to the Swim BC-only page ( ), or you can take advantage of the slightly easier to remember URL shortcut we've created, namely . Either way should land you at the same place.

  5. DECK ENTRIES: If your meet intends to allow deck entries, the meet information must indicate that all deck entries for swimmers not already in the meet must be accompanied by the swimmer’s correct Swimming Canada nine-digit ID number, as well as the swimmer’s correct birthdate.
    If meet management accepts a deck entry without this information, the meet results will not be able to be uploaded, and thus, no one will be able to see the results until the meet management corrects this in their HyTek Meet Manager database, creates another meet results file, and then goes back to attempt the upload again (in short, be sure to get the correct info).
    COACHES may be well-advised to carry a printout of your swimmers and their DOB / ID# from Team Manager (REPORTS – ATHLETE ROSTER), or simply put it as a Word file onto a little memory stick and carry that with you so if needed, you have it readily accessible).

  6. SWIMSUIT RULE: With every FINA-affiliated organization now obligated to adhere to FINA's new swimsuit rule (as of January 1, 2010), this would be covered by a blanket statement which already appears in most meet packages, along the lines of "All applicable FINA/Swimming Canada/Swim BC rules will be observed".

  7. SWIM BC PROVINCIAL TEAM SPLASH FEE: The Provincial Team splash fee should be called exactly that – wording that deviates significantly from that will only slow down the sanctioning process. The fee again this year remains unchanged at $4.00 per swimmer. This must be included in the list of meet fees.

  8. SANCTION FEES: Sanction fees also remain unchanged for the coming season: $50 for most meets; $40 for time trials; $150 for a “season-pass”of time trials (run as many as you like). Note that time trials are defined as being competitions with any number of swimmers from ONE CLUB; or 50 or fewer swimmers from more than one club. If 50 or more swimmers from more than one club participate, then the competition will be considered a “meet”, and thus subject to the corresponding fees.

  9. POST-MEET FEES: Clubs will be invoiced for the Provincial Team Splash Fees ($4/swimmer in the meet) after the meet results have been posted to the Swimming Canada meet site. These splash fees must be paid within 14 days of receipt of invoice.

  10. MEET RESULTS: Meet managers should post the results within 24 hours of the conclusion of the meet or time trial. If there are any errors (swimmer name, DOB, or club mismatches), it is the meet manager’s responsibility to get the correct information from the “error swimmer’s” club.

  11. PAST-DUE ACCOUNTS:  Clubs which have accounts more than 31 days in arrears will NOT be granted sanction for upcoming meets until such time that their accounts in arrears (for meet fees, provincial team events, registration invoices, etc.) are paid and up-to-date.