Swim BC Meet Policies & Scheduling

Information packages for meets sanctioned by Swim BC is available on Swimming Canada's National meetlist site: www.meetlist.notlong.com.

A DRAFT competition calendar of tentative dates for Swim BC meets, as well as other events, is located elsewhere on our website.

Clubs hosting events in this season should send an email with the event, dates, and location.
Clubs are also encouraged to "LIST" their meet at www.meetlist.notlong.com which can be done at any time prior to applying for meet sanctioning. 

Please note that the dates, locations, and events are all UNOFFICIAL on the draft calendar. When they are confirmed and sanctioned, they will immediately appear as SANCTIONED at the www.meetlist.notlong.com website.  

New meets can be listed (simply added to the meet schedule without applying for a sanction - good if you know the date of the meet your hosting, but it's a long way off), or you can apply for a sanction using this online functionality.

Also, you can look at meets (scheduled, sanctioned, completed) along with results.   

Swim BC Championship Meet Blackout Policy

There are “blackout” periods extending the dates of the BC Championship meets, wherein swimmers eligible to participate at the Swim BC designated event will not be permitted to compete at a Swim BC sanctioned competition.

There will be an exception in that any swimmer who meets the criterion of having competed in the BC Championship meet will subsequently be allowed to compete in any meet during the blackout period following the applicable BC Championship meet.

10&U swimmers are exempt from the blackout periods; for example, 10&U swimmers may compete in Regional meets during a given blackout period even if they have the 11&U Tier times.

Swimmers who earn high-­performance funding from Swim BC – whether it be Program or Athlete High Performance funding – are also exempt from Swim BC blackout periods while receiving that funding. 

Swim BC’s blackout rules are a board-approved policy that has been in place for well over a decade now to help encourage all of the swimmers in the province at a particular level to come together for “Provincial” Championship competition.  Many times in the past, particularly if a meet was not held in a major centre, some clubs would decide to hold their own invitational or regional meet on the same (or within a week or so) of the scheduled provincial championships, which severely detracted from the viability and competitiveness of the designated provincial championship.

Since Swim BC implemented the blackout policy in the early 2000s, those goals of having an exciting, competitive and successful competition for swimmers across the province have been met, as the level of excitement and enthusiasm at our recent Tier I and II Championships can attest.

Meet Results

All meet results appear at that same Swimming Canada meet list website:  www.meetlist.notlong.com (shortcut to BC meets only; you can see meets from all across Canada at http://swimming.ca/meetlist.aspx)
Also, there is a USER GUIDE for both Meet Managers (for listing meets and getting them sanctioned) as well as for Coaches (for using the aforementioned site to upload entries of your club for meets).  Please follow them step-by-step to assist yourself.  

Keep in mind that Meet Managers will need to contact Swim BC to request the login and password for their team to gain access to list meets and apply for meet sanction.