Upcoming Course Dates

NCCP Courses: Prior to registering for these courses ALL pre-requisites and pre-course workbooks must be completed. 

  1. Fundamentals Course (101): Jan 4-6 Richmond

  2. Fundamentals Course (101): Jan 11-13 Penticton

  3. Fundamentals Course (101) & MED if enough interest : March 22-24, 2019 Victoria

  4. Fundamentals Course (101): March 22-24 2019 Vancouver TBA

If course minimum registration is not met, the course will be cancelled.  

If you would like a Fundamentals Course in your area and have more than 8 coaches that meet all pre-requisites, contact Swim BC.

Upcoming Multi-Sport Courses: Pre-requisites for Swimming Coaching Courses (201 and 301) must be completed prior to registering for a course. 

Multi-sport Courses: Pacific Sport Fraser Valley listed below - Register

Developing Athletic Abilities: Nov. 3
Coaching and Leading Effectively: Nov. 10 & 11
Managing Conflict: Nov. 11
Prevention and Recovery: Nov. 25
Leading Drug Free Sport: Nov. 28

Multi-sport Courses:  contact ViaSport for more information

NCCP Course Fees

To complete course registration; contact Swim BC, Denise Roman, to pay fees (with Credit Card).  Participants are not fully registered until payment information have been given to Swim BC.

  1. Community Sport Coach Course: $125 (Swim BC Members) / $175 (Non-Swim BC Members)

  2. Fundamentals Coach Course (101): $325 (Swim BC Members) / $375 (Non-Swim BC Members)

    • Includes the $50 portfolio marking fee

  3. Age Group Coach Course (201): $450

    • Includes the $150 portfolio marking fee

    • Coaches will be required to pay their On-Deck Competition Evaluation ($150) after successful completion of their Portfolio.

  4. Making Ethical Decision Course (Offered by Swim BC): $50

  5. Late Portfolio Marking Fee: $50

    • If any portfolio is not completed and uploaded into the system within a year of the completion date of the course, a late fee will be incurred.