Upcoming Course Dates

FIRST STEP - complete the pre-course workbook well in advance before looking for a course.

Coaches / Clubs – There are a number of NCCP courses that are scheduled for the first half of the season. Please have a look at these and sign up soon as they are on the NCCP site as they are dependent on registration numbers and will be cancelled if not enough are registered.

If you would like an NCCP 101 course in your area and have more than 8 coaches ready to go and done the pre-course workbook, email me for a date that we can arrange a course in your area.

NCCP Course - Pre-course workbook must be completed in order to register.

Prior to registering for these courses pre-requisites and pre-course workbooks must be completed. 

  1. Community Coach Course - October 27 Richmond / Watermania

  2. Swimming 101 Course & Making Ethical Decisions - November 9-11 Prince George

    REGISTRATION usually opens a few weeks prior. Courses only run if minimum numbers have been met. -

UPCOMING Multi-Sport Courses. Pre-requisites for ALL Swimming courses (101, 201 and 301) and can be taken at anytime. Some that are scheduled at Pacific Sport Fraser Valley are below - Register -

Teaching and Learning – Oct. 8
Managing Conflict – Nov. 11
Prevention and Recovery – Nov. 25
Leading Drug Free Sport – Nov. 28
Developing Athletic Abilities – Nov. 3
Coaching and Leading Effectively – Nov. 10/11
Psychology of Performance – Oct. 28

NCCP Overview - There are FOUR different NCCP Swimming Certification levels available under the new NCCP context.

  1. NCCP Swimming Teacher

  2. Community Sport Coach

  3. Level 1: Fundamentals Coach

  4. Level 2: Age Group Coach

  5. Level 3: Senior Coach

The steps required to achieve certification at each of these levels is outlined briefly in the online presentation available here

MAKING ETHICAL DECISIONS TRAINING - check the list above for the courses.


  • Swim BC NCCP Administrator and General inquiries - Carrie Matheson - 1-604-898-9100

  • Swim BC NCCP Coordinator- Chad Webb Phone: 250-303-1199

  • Swimming Canada NCCP Administrator - Carol Vadeika

Be sure to check out the new website for information on the various levels, including the handy new "what does my "old" NCCP training and/or certification get me in the new system" tool located on this page.

NCCP Update

Community Sport Coach

The community sport coach is for assistant coaches, aged 15 years of age and up, who help teach swimmers who do not yet attend competitions.  The community coach may work a maximum of two seasons before they are required to take the next level of training (Swimming 101).  The community coach may assist at both practice and competition.  It is not recommended that the community coach be responsible for a group or be on their own coaching.

All NEW coaches must have completed the Swimming Fundamentals (101) pre-course workbook in order to comply with CSCTA and Swimming Canada minimum standards. This can be done at any time prior to taking the course.

The Fundamentals Course (101) course must be completed prior to November 30 of the following swim season. That means 101 Portfolio -submission and Making Ethical decisions training and online evaluation. The coach's status must move from "trained" or "in training" to "certified" by November 30.   

Registration for courses will be available on the Swimming Canada website.

  • NCCP Fundamentals Courses (101). Cost - $325 for Swim BC Member / $375 non-member

  • Age Group Course (201) Registration - $450 includes $150 Portfolio Marking fee

For Swimming 101, the only pre-requisite is completing of the Swimming 101 pre-course workbook, plus being 16 years of age (or very close to it) on the first day of the course.  Swim BC/Swimming Canada membership is NOT required.

201 Prerequisites and Registration

Swim BC/Swimming Canada/BCSCA/CSCTA membership required to register for Swimming 201; Phone Swim BC if you are not part of a Swimming Canada swim club to register with Swimming Canada and then also register on the CSCTA website.

Other minimum requirements are candidates being age of 18; successful completion of Swimming 101 or Skills Coach course, or Level 1 Certification; and Competition Introduction Part B Module includes: Design a Basic Sport Program, Teaching and Learning and Basic Mental Skills.  

All must be completed prior to attending the course.

Please note that for all courses, we require a minimum number of completed registrations  (typically eight) prior to the registration deadline for the course to run.

Payment and Fees for Courses

Please contact Denise Roman at Swim BC to pay for a course with your Visa or Mastercard or send a cheque to the Swim BC office well before the course starts to ensure a spot.

  • Swimming 101 Course Registration Fee = $325.00 (Swim BC members) $375 - Non members-(this includes the $50.00 Post Course Evaluation Assessment fee). *This does not include Making Ethical Decisions that is sometimes offered immediately after the 101 course.

  • Passing the MED evaluation (done online, with more information here) is required to complete certification, but the training, while highly recommended, is optional if the candidate feels they can pass the evaluation without the training.

  • Coach Membership Fees for non-members = $53.50 payable to Swim BC and $40.00 payable to CSCTA

  • While membership is NOT required to take the Swimming 101 course, it is a requirement for Swimming 201 registration.

  • Coach membership expires each year on August 31, regardless of when during the year the membership was paid.

  • Making Ethical Decisions Training = TBA

Check your NCCP status by going to this website and entering your CC number and last name.  As of February 2012, you can search for your account and CC number from that website as well. 

To register, and for a list of courses Canada-wide, click here.

Competition Coach Multi-sport Courses (necessary for Competition Coach certification; akin to Level 3 Theory):  Vancouver at Langara College (

For anyone interested in becoming a Course Facilitator for the Swimming101 course, here is an outline of the process and application form.

More information on the NCCP for swimming is available at  Before going anywhere else, search for the answer to your questions at this site.

Next Steps - After Swimming 101 Course

After the Swimming 101 course, a coach must complete a series of assignments, under the supervision of an "assessor". Once that is complete, a coach may submit their "Fundamentals Coach" Portfolio (online link supplied after the the course) which will be evaluated (marked) by a Swimming Canada NCCP Evaluator.  The Assessment fee is now included in the course fee, half of which is absorbed by Swim BC.

The Evaluation steps, which are to be completed after taking the Swimming 101 course can be found here.

NCCP Course Registration

To register for a Swimming 101, NCCP coaching course, a person no longer needs to be registered as a coach with Swim BC/Swimming Canada.  Interested coaches simply need to go to the list of courses and click the REGISTER link for the course they're interested in, then complete the registration form, including the upload of the completed Pre-course workbook.

Be sure to check out the specific descriptions of each certification level below, as well as at Swimming Canada's NCCP site: