NCCP Overview

There are FIVE different NCCP Swimming Certification levels available.

  1. NCCP Swimming Teacher

  2. Community Sport Coach

  3. Fundamentals Coach (Swimming 101)

  4. Age Group Coach (Swimming 201)

  5. Senior Coach (Swimming 301)

NCCP Pre-Requisites

NCCP Course

Min. Age


Community Sport Coach

15 yrs





Fundamentals Coach (101)

16 yrs

Swimming 101 Online Workbook




Age Group Coach (201)

18 yrs

1. Complete the following Multi-Sport Modules:

- Design a Basic Sport Program

- Basic Mental Skills

- Teaching and Learning

2. Fundamental Coach trained or equivalent

3. Swimming 201 Online Workbook

4. Registered with Swim BC/SNC and CSCTA




Senior Coach (301)

20 yrs

1. Complete the following Multi-Sport Modules:

- Coaching and Leading Effectively

- Developing Athletic Abilities

- Psychology of Performance

- Managing Conflict

- Prevention and Recovery

- Leading Drug Free Sport

2. Age Group Coach trained or equivalent

3. Swimming 301 Online Workbook

4. Registered with a Swim BC/SNC and CSCTA

Specific Course Information - Updates

Minimum Age for all Courses: Coaches must meet the minimum age within 3 months of the last day of the course.

Swimming Teacher Application: click here

Community Sport Coach: The Community Sport Coach is for junior coaches, who help teach swimmers who do not yet attend competitions.  The community coach may work a maximum of 3 seasons before they are required to take the next level of training (Swimming 101).  The community coach may assist at both practice and competition.  It is not recommended that the community coach be responsible for a group or be on their own coaching.

201 and 301 Prerequisites and Registration: Swim BC/Swimming Canada/BCSCA/CSCTA membership required to register for Swimming 201; contact Swim BC if you are not part of a Swimming Canada swim club to register with Swimming Canada and also register on the CSCTA website.