Swim BC 2019-20 Technical Programs

The linked document describes the Swim BC 2019/20 Provincial Technical Programming.  This document is intended to provide swimmers and coaches with an overview for awareness and planning purposes. Specific program information and planning will occur as Swim BC staff begin to manage the planning process.

The aim of these programs is to provide swimmers and coaches on the development continuum opportunities to enhance performance development and stage appropriate excellence.

Through the 2019/20 Technical Programs, Swim BC is striving to:

·       Support development and rehearsal of a strong foundation of stroke technique.

·       Assist in swimmer’s development of enhanced core skills and the reliable execution of those skills, and

·       To progress individual swimmers and coach successes, recognize those successes and to provide opportunity to advance


Swim BC will be initiating the following programs:

1.     Provincial ID Team

2.     Prospects Technical Camp

3.     Distance Free / Open Water Camp

4.     Para Prospects Ignition Camp

5.     Coach Mentoring

6.     RaceTek Analytics Support

These activities are driven by the funding Swim BC receives from the Community Gaming Grant.  All activities will be dependent on our application outcomes (late August).

The document can be accessed here.