Swim BC is a not-for-profit Provincial Sport Organization and the governing body for competitive swimming in BC and a member of Swimming Canada.

Special Interest Associations falling under Swim BC’s membership include the Masters Swimming Association of BC (MSABC) and the BC Swim Coaches Association (BCSCA). Swim BC members include over 120 clubs and 4 university teams. The clubs are found in every region of the province and collectively boast over 14,000 individual members (swimmers, coaches, club board members, and officials).

Read the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan and Vision Overview. 

View the Swim BC Constitution and Bylaws.

Swim BC is driven by its vision, striving to develop, deliver and promote a variety of services and programs aimed at enhancing all Swimmer’s experiences and the presence of competitive swimming in the province. Swim BC subscribes to the philosophy of being an athlete centered, coach driven, and administratively supported organization.

Board Structure

The Swim BC Board of Directors is comprised of seven Director positions. Swim BC has multiple advisory committees, including Policy, Financial, Regional Directors, Officials, Human Resources, Nominations, Awards, Technical Advisory and Affiliated Members.

The Directors are elected at the Swim BC AGM.  Directors are elected for a term of two (2) years.  The President is elected by the Board, is eligible for re-election or reappointment but may only serve two consecutive two-year terms (four years total).

Board Responsibilities 

  • To uphold the Association's constitution, bylaws, policies and values;

  • To provide the leadership and direction to implement, monitor, review and update the Swim BC Strategic Plan;

  • To review and recommend changes to the policies and guidelines of the Association;

  • To respond to the directives of the Association;

  • To receive and approve the operating budget;

  • To promote the profile of the Association to the community; and,

  • To evaluate the progress toward the achievement of the mission statement.

President’s Responsibilities

The official head of the Association who represents Swim BC, is required to;

  • guide and oversee the business and financial affairs of the Association;

  • be aware of all business and financial decisions of the Association;

  • ensure the Board of Directors are kept informed of all critical matters pertaining to the Association;

  • ensure the Association is represented on all matters dealing with government agencies; and,

  • serve as the Swimming Canada (SNC) Voting Delegate, or appoint an alternative

2018-19 Swim BC Board of Directors

Linda Metcalfe (president@swimbc.ca)

  • President

  • Elected - Sept. 2017

  • Bio: Sales & Marketing professional | NCCP Level 2 trained | Level 5 National certified official

Mike Ball

  • Director

  • Chair, Nominations Committee

  • Elected - Sept. 2017

  • Bio: BA Economics, Project Manager, Sales Director | Active in the sport of swimming for 45+ years as an athlete, coach, official, administrator & parent

Liz Collins

  • Secretary

  • Chair, Human Resources Committee

  • Elected - Sept. 2017

  • Bio: Human Resource Professional, CPHR Candidate | Canadian National Swim Team member, Pan American Games multi silver medallist | NCCP level 2 trained

Eric Gottardi

  • Director

  • Chair, Policy Committee.

  • Elected - Sept. 2017

  • Bio: Barrister and Solicitor in good standing with Law society of BC since 2003 | SFU Swim Team member, BCSSA coach | NCCP Level 2 trained

Michael Hoche

  • Director

  • Chair, Finance Committee

  • Elected - Sept. 2018

  • Bio: Chartered Accountant (retired), corporate experience in public companies, crown corporations and not-for-profits | Canadian National Team Swim Team member 1978-79 | NCAA - Texas A & M

Mark Versfeld

  • Director

  • Elected - Sept. 2018

  • Bio: BA Economics, Strategic risk mitigation in global commodity, currency and equity markets | Canadian National Swim Team member - World Championships, Commonwealth and Pan Pacific Games medalist | 2000 Olympian

Kacey Dalzell

  • Director

  • Appointed October 2018 - 2 year term through 2020

  • Policy Committee member