Swim BC Staff and Office Contacts

The staff of Swim BC encourages you to contact them, either by phone or email, if you have any questions regarding the sport of swimming within BC.

The staff currently consists of four full-time positions, along with one part-time position, carrying out the following roles:

Swim BC is based out of its Squamish office:

Suite 5 - 40383 Tantalus Way
Squamish, BC
PO BOX 1749
Garibaldi Highlands, BC
V0N 1T0

Phone: 604-898-9100
Fax: 604-898-9200

Program Director Carrie Matheson is based in this office.

Swim BC's Executive Director, Performance Director and NCCP Coordinator are based out of home offices.

Executive Director Ken Radford
Cell: 250-634-0043

Performance Director Mike Flegel
Office/Cell: 250-898-9008
Fax: 604-898-9200

NCCP Coordinator Chad Webb
Office/Cell: 250-303-1199
Fax: 604-898-9200

The staff work closely with the membership and the Board of Directors to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of the organization.


Executive Director - Ken Radford

  • Reports to the Board of Directors via the President

  • Responsible for the management of all the business and affairs of Swim BC

  • Ensures the policies and resolutions of the Board of Directors are carried into effect

  • Acts as Technical Consultant to the Board and the swimming community

  • Oversees all program planning, design, development and delivery

  • Responsible for human resource management and supervision of Swim BC

  • Designated liaison with the Provincial Government, Sport BC, Swimming Canada and other sport governing bodies

  • Responsible for annual government reporting, evaluation and grant application

  • Financial management

  • Revenue generation

  • Assistance with recreation community in development of swimming facilities

  • Coordination of volunteer activities

  • Club/coach consultant

Performance Director - Mike Flegel

  • reports to the Executive Director

  • manages the Provincial Team program

  • communicates the Provincial Team direction with the Technical Advisory Committee, home coaches of Provincial Team athletes and the Swim BC membership

  • Responsible for management and delivery of all Excellence Programming

Program Director - Carrie Matheson

  • reports to the Executive Director

  • administers and oversees the hosting of Swim BC Tier I Championships, Tier II Championships and Senior Circuit / Championships

  • in conjunction with the Office Manager, responsible for interpretation of registration rules and categories

  • responsible for the updating Swim BC Technical Guide

  • assistance with the annual Awards Banquet/BC Swimming Convention

  • interpret and communicate information from the ED Council meetings to the membership

  • development, interpretation and data generation for funding initiatives and criteria

  • Assisting with travel and accommodations arrangement for Provincial Team camps/trips

  • Reviews and sanctions all meets and time trials

  • Assisting with facility bookings for Regional camps

  • Manage BC Games projects

Office Manager - vacant

  • Manages all incoming communications;

  • Provides general association information to Swim BC clubs and organizations, volunteers and public;

  • Prepares and processes Swim BC mail-outs as required;

  • Maintains current directories for Board of Directors, clubs, coaches and Friends of Swimming;

  • Assists in the execution of all Board, Committee Meetings & Awards Banquet.

  • Liaise with SNC for Swim BC Registration administration;

  • Maintains effective administrative filing (electronic and hard copy);

  • Maintains all accounting records, including accounts payable and receivable;

  • Produces and maintains all supporting financial records and statements;

  • Preparation of audit;

  • Prepares and issues tax receipts for Swim-a-thon;

  • Liaises with staff to ensure proper billing for organization programs.

  • Ongoing efforts aimed at increasing Swim BC registration.

  • Assistance with special fund-raising/Sponsorship projects

  • Audit meet results ensuring assessments are collected and verifies registration status of competing athletes

  • Reconciliation of Provincial Team/Regional Training programs

  • Other duties as required

NCCP Coordinator - Chad Webb

  • Scheduling, organizing, and reconciling all NCCP courses

  • Facilitating a number of Swimming 101 and Swimming 201 courses

  • Coordinating Swimming 301 and Swimming 302 courses

  • Represent the interests of Swim BC regarding the NCCP with Swimming Canada and other provincial swim organizations

  • Manage communication with membership regarding changes to NCCP and upcoming courses