Time Trial Sanctioning

Applications for time trials are completed in the same manner as swim meets; that is, posting the meet on the www.swimming.ca/meetlist.aspx website.  

A time trial information package, in an editable (Word, Pages, .rtf, etc.; NOT .pdf) must be included as well, noting the following:

  1. Venue

  2. Swimmers competing

  3. Events being contested

  4. Be sure to use the proper sanction category:

    1. Class 1 Time Trial: for record attempts.
      i. Must be advertised/sanctioned at least 72 hours prior to event
      ii. Separate boys and girls events; no mixed gender racing
      iii. Package must include wording indicating that three separate timing devices will be used (touchpads and two backups; three timers, etc.), just so we are aware that meet management is aware of the requirements for a record to be recognized.

    2. Class 2 Time Trial (single): No records (Provincial or National) can/will be recognized from a Class 2 time trial.
      a. Class 2 TT (Season) First: If this is a club’s first TT of the season and they have chosen to take advantage of Swim BC’s “season-long” time trial sanction fee - $150.
      b. Class 2 TT (Season) Subsequent: After they’ve paid the $150 season-long sanction fee, they are eligible to use this for any other time trials they hold during the season.
      Note that no records can be recognized using this sanction category

  5. Ensure that time trial package includes swimmers who will swim and events which will be contested. Names of swimmers not mandatory, but something like “Competitive-registered swimmers of Club X” will suffice

  6. A time trial that will involve more than one club and have more than 50 swimmers shall be viewed as a swim meet, and thus, subject to the Swim BC Provincial Team Splash Fee of $4 per swimmer.

  7. A time trial that involves only one club (note that this is “club”, not “association”) can have as many swimmers as the club wishes, and it is still considered a time trial; i.e., no splash fees will be levied.

  8. Awards are not to be presented.

  9. Notification of time trial must be received by Swim BC office no less than 72 hours prior to the start of the time trial

  10. Current sanction fees are as follows:
    a. $40 for one time trial;
    b. $150 – season-long time trial sanction fee which allows covers as many time trials as a club wishes to hold over the course of a season, with the exception of record-attempt time trials (see below)
    c. $40 – Record attempt time trial fee. This is required for any record-attempt time trial, even if the club already has a season-long time-trial sanction fee.
    11. Ensure that you are familiar with time trial rules as set out in the Swimming Canada Rulebook.